Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara

Normally I wouldn't even bother with buying a Revlon mascara, because I've never liked a single one. But I had $8.65 in dollars, and this was $8.99 and it was free shipping/no minimum purchase - so it cost me $.34 out of pocket. :-)

Anyway...this is called Grow Luscious by Fabulash. On the back it says that lashes will grow stronger day after day and says that the "lash enhancing formula complements the natural growth cycle of your lashes and improves their overall appearance and condition with each use." (I'm not sure what they mean by any of that, though - it doesn't mention any sort of scientific data to back that up, nor does it specifically mention any ingredients that may aid your lashes.) It claims that 96% of women tested instantly saw longer, more lush lashes - which isn't saying much if you think about it! Any mascara is likely to produce some results; it just doesn't mean you'll be happy with them! That being said, this is probably the best Revlon mascara I've tried - not that the bar is set very high!

One thing you'll notice from the picture is that the brush is very large. My hands/fingers are not particularly tiny for a female. Some may like this, but if you apply mascara like I do, you may not appreciate it. I like to apply to the back (or would that be top?!) of my lashes as well and it's hard to do with a large brush without getting mascara on my lids. This is no exception. The formula itself is pretty thick. Not a ton of product comes out on the brush, which is an issue I had with their 3D and DoubleTwist mascaras. I could see it easily clumping up though with several coats.

All in all, this isn't a bad mascara; it's just okay. It would make a nice everyday mascara. I would never pay $9 for it though; I might consider repurchasing if I found it in a 40% or 50% off sale. There are just too many good drugstore mascaras out there right now!

P.S. - Sorry, no other makeup on today! Today is Day 3 with no makeup (except for the mascara trial today of course!) - I had surgery on Tuesday so I'm just taking it easy. :-)


  1. First let me say that your lashes are so naturally long and gorgeous that I don't even know why you would want to try a lengthening mascara! lol! But thank you for the review--can you believe I actually love a few Revlon mascaras? Well, it doesn't surprise me because our lashes are the exact opposite of each other! But anyway, it sounds like I actually might like this one (maybe!). Can you tell me if it smudged or ran throughout the day? And did you need makeup remover to remove it? Thanks!

  2. Aww, thanks for the compliment! I actually wasn't sure if it was meant to be lengthening or not; I do usually stick with volumizing mascaras. It did not smudge/flake/run! I do have *really* dry skin though so I don't have to worry about any "oilies" smudging my mascara. On days when I'm feeling too lazy to use my Albolene and/or Clarisonic, I use E.L.F. makeup removing wipes and those did take it off without having to use a separate remover. Hope this helps! :-)

  3. Tried this mascara & I like it very much. Goes on easily, love the brush, applies mascara evenly and covers lashes, no globs, no flakes. Very nice product, only using it a few days, but very happy with it.

  4. I'm glad you like it definitelydeb! Do you think it's better than other Revlon mascaras?