Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Awesome limited-edition Wet 'n Wild goodies!

There's a Meijer near me that I can always go to for a no-fail cheap thrill that I can't find anywhere else (whatever it is may eventually make it to other stores, but this one usually has things weeks before others!)! This week it was Limited Edition Wet 'n Wild  (does anyone else find it funny/weird that cheap brands do LE's?!) ColorIcon baked eyeshadows and bronzers. Being Wet 'n Wild, it's cheap to begin with, but it was on sale for 50% off this week so I got all of this for around $5! I can't believe how much I like all of this stuff! Normally I don't do bronzer, but this is subtle enough that it doesn't look odd on me, yet could be built up if desired. The eyeshadow has a nice amount of pigmentation, and it lasted all day with primer (which I won't mention because the company ticked me off when I was trying to order it. I wanted it so badly and it was out of stock everywhere [new collection] and now that I finally have it, it's not "all that" - but I spent almost $30 for it with S&H so you can bet I'm going to use every drop of it! But I digress...LOL) . Swatches were all done dry. Should've done wet too but I didn't think about that until I had everything put away. =)

Top, L to R: (all are WnW Color Icon Baked Eyeshadows / Bronzers, except one as noted)

Sizzle (bronzer), Swelter, Fiery

Bottom, L to R: Scorch (bronzer), Singe, Blaze
Clockwise from top left: Fiery, Swelter, Singe, Blaze <--although this does look very pink in the pot, it goes on a dark taupe - pic color is pretty accurate.

From top: Acapulco Glow (I added this for reference), Sizzle, Scorch

EOTD w/ Fiery and Blaze


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  1. I saw this collection at my local ShopKo- I think I might get the eyeshadows if they go 50% off!