Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Manic Panic cosmetic line spotted at Meijer

So I went to Meijer for the 5th time this week (don't ask, LOL) and, while I didn't find the new Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure fall lineup, I did spot a new makeup display. Meijer is now selling Manic Panic. I went into 2 Meijer stores today (hey, when I'm on the hunt for something, I'm *serious* about it! :D) and both had the display. Prices range from $4 for nail polish to $10 for a "lip book" or an "eye book." I didn't pick up anything; not much in this line appears to be my style - aka, it's pretty goth-y. The lipsticks were all dark - purple, black, etc. The face powders were very pale - there were 2 white shades (no discernable difference to me, but they did have different shade names) and one pale-skin-shade. They did have a cream and powder liner kit that may appeal to some (pic below). There are 4 nail polishes - black, black with silver glitter, black with red glitter (see the pattern here?!), and dark purple. There's a mascara as well.

One of the white pressed powder shades

Cream and powder liner kit

Eye kit

Eye kit

I know that Manic Panic is known for hair color, but is their cosmetics line a new venture? Or is this a reinvention, à la Hard Candy/Walmart? Does anything in this line appeal to anyone?

Monday, September 20, 2010

New Wet 'n Wild Holiday palettes!

As a hardcore Wet 'n Wild devotee (my HG mascara is their Mega Volume in the yellow tube - I get fat, black lashes for under $2!), I was thrilled to see these at Meijer on Saturday. For whatever reason, I stared longingly at them and then passed. As though it was meant to be, their Sunday ad included all Wet 'n Wild for 50% off this week! So I went back and got 2 of the sets, Night Elf and Sugar Plum Fairy. Any good blogger would've gotten pics of the entire display and names of the other palettes, but, well, I never claimed to BE a good blogger, so... ;-) Anyway! Here are some pics and swatches of what I did get.

First, Sugar Plum Fairy...

Left to right on my fingertips is top to bottom (starting on left side) in the palette

Holy pigmentation on the brown, right?! This is what's left over after swiping on my hand! I may need a backup of this palette! The 2 lighter shades (top) are not that special in my opinion, but the other 4 are looovely! The 2 middle ones have a pretty golden sheen to them in certain lighting. The brown isn't just your ordinary brown; it has a coppery shimmer. This one comes with a mini eyeliner in Purple Violet.

Next is Night Elf...
(Try to ignore the reflection of my pink camera, 'k thanks! ;-))

(Sorry, I messed up on the order of swatching in the next 2 pics...remember what I said earlier about not being the greatest blogger? I wasn't lying to you!)

See the middle one here (bottom left in palette)? It's a total MAC Club dupe!!! Yeah, that's right, an entire palette including a MAC Dupe for almost 1/3 the cost (at retail!) of a single MAC eyeshadow! I might get a backup of this one too if only for that (I do like the other colors as well, but red and black shadows just don't flatter me). This one comes with a mini eyeliner in Black Noir (it's shimmery black).

I can't say how the wear is on these, because I've not tried them yet, but as long as they're on par with my Wet 'n Wild Lust palette (which, with a primer, wears all day on me without touchups), I'll be happy as a clam! If you plan to get any of these too, better pick them up first chance you get, as the labels on the back of the palettes say "Limited Edition" so I don't think these are going to become part of Wet 'n Wild's core ColorIcon palette line!