Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Shades!

While searching for the Chanel Paradoxal dupe, Revlon Perplex (not successful in finding it, BTW :'( ), I came across some new Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears! Nothing in this collection is terribly unique, but for under $3, why not, right?! Unfortunately I couldn't get pictures of each individual one; I found these in a local drugstore which is never busy, which means all the employees do is stand around and watch patrons suspiciously. :\ But anyway...
Left to right: Lacey Lilac, Gray Area,  Mint Sorbet, Posh Plum, and Blizzard Blue. 

The first 3 are cremes, the last 2 are...I don't know...kinda frosty? But not in a bad way. They just didn't shout "BUY ME!" I'm pretty sure Blizzard Blue is dupey to a $.97 NYC polish that I own. I actually only left with Gray Area (and a flakie snowman polish...woot!), which seems similar to Nina Never Glum Plum from Sally's, but I haven't swatched them next to one another yet.

Gray Area

Mint Sorbet

Various snowman polishes

Multicolor glitter

Fuschia/magenta w/ holo glitter

Red glitter flakie

Light blue glitter flakie

What do you think of these? Will you purchase any of the new Xtreme Wears?


  1. The Sally Hansen Xtreme Wears don't look like anything too exciting to me. I probably won't be buying any. However, the snowmen polishes are adorable!

  2. Yeah, they're definitely not as exciting as the last SH XW release (hello, Mystic Lilac!), are they?! :( And I agree on the snowmen - this particular drugstore seems to get ones that no other store does, and it's just a very small regional chain!

  3. Mint Sorbet looks like a cute color, can't wait to try these :)

  4. Gray area looks interesting and I'm kinda feeling Posh Plum. I'm sure I'll never find this display near me though as my drugstores refuse to keep up with new collections.

  5. Blue Blizzard looks pretty, but very sheer.

  6. Omg, the packaging with the snow men is adorable!!!

  7. where I can find those Snowman polishes?! I want them!