Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Holy cow...er, pumpkin!

I popped into Meijer today for some baby formula (well, okay, that was just an excuse to check out the cosmetics endcaps, I do have about 12 cans on the shelf :P) and saw this year's pumpkin crop. Holy wow! There are so many different ones I'm not even sure I got pics of them all. And get this...I managed to not buy a single one! Nothing like 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave to force a low buy! ;) Click the pics if you want to see them in larger detail.

Fine glitters

Chunky hex glitters

Randoms: orange multi-size glitter in a black (jelly?) base, flakie, orange and and black bar glitter, holo bar glitter

Glow in the darks

Black lights


More randoms - holo moon shapes (I *think* it was only moons but I had to wrap up, an associate was getting suspicious of my picture-taking and kept moving in closer :P) in a black jelly base. I forget what the one on the right was - maybe it corresponds to the last close-up below? I don't know, I was a little overwhelmed, LOL!

Of course I didn't leave empty-handed though! They had a Rimmel display in the Halloween area. I'm not sure if these are new editions to the core line or not.

Thrill Seeker

Rags to Riches
For someone who professes to hate green polish, I sure have acquired plenty of it in the last 6 months! This is awesome - it's a cool olive with very find gold shimmer.

Finally, I was impressed by a Meijer visit for the first time in months! All the ones around me have been really lame lately - I used to be able to find new collections there reallllly early. Anymore...not so much!

Happy almost-Hump-Day everyone! :o)

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