Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My new condiment obsessions!

So yeah, I should probably start another blog for food, but a) I suck at explaining all things related to food, and b) I never just throw ingredients together and come up with a winner. Thanks to Pinterest for broadening my food horizons. ;-)

These are my two new food-related obsessions. Food has kind of taken over my nail polish obsession since I had my son and became a SAHM. $200 in one trip at Kroger? Yeah, I can justify that to the hubs. $200 at Ulta? Not so much. Anyway...I love condiments. Like, I could eat mayo with a spoon. Not that I have...yeah, um, I've *never* done that.

Apple cinnamon BBQ sauce? YES PLEASE!!! If you've ever been to Firehouse Subs you've no doubt noticed a veritable hot/BBQ sauce bar and I discovered this gem there. Finally I got up the courage to ask them if they would sell me a bottle and he said sure. I didn't bother to even ask how much because I was willing to pay the $13-something Amazon was charging and it couldn't be that bad, right? RIGHT! Five bones, baby! This is excellent on, well, anything you'd normally use barbecue sauce on. Or maybe just eaten with a spoon. Again, uh, not that I've tried that.

And *this* little jar of heaven...oh my! I live just north of Columbus, Ohio and I've never been to this local nut company but had always wanted to go. One day I found myself with a few spare minutes while I was in the area for a taste test (side note to anyone thinking of doing one: DON'T), so I stopped. And I saw this. And the clouds opened up and the angels sang. I LOVE peanut butter, and I LOVE heat. Together? This marriage should last forever!!! So far I've gone old-school and done PB&J with it, chicken satay, and...some sort of pad thai/Asian noodle confection. Let's just say...I WILL find myself in that area of Columbus again. Oh, and it's a bargain at $3-something...$3.69 maybe? The store is called Krema Nut Company and I think they will ship.

Hope no one minds my occasional foray into foodstuffs! :D