Monday, July 30, 2012


I'm not like normal people. Once I hear about a new beauty product, I will not give up until I find it. Like, NOW. I stalk drugstores/grocery stores/etc. I'm pretty sure there are a lot of retail employees who think I'm a thief based on how often I'm in their store and leave empty-handed. Anyway...PANTENE SILKY MOISTURE WHIP!!! I've been hunting this down for 2 months, since it was mentioned in a June magazine (which came out in May). Alas, it wasn't released yet...THANK YOU P&G. :\ But apparently because I did a good deed yesterday I was rewarded with it. More on that later.

Yes I'm lame and posted this even though I haven't tried it yet since I just found it yesterday afternoon. Hey, I'm excited, what can I say?! I'll report back after I've used it a few days.

Anyway...more on the good deed. Another one of my stalking victims was the new Herbal Essences line, Honey I'm Strong. Again, thanks P&G for making me waste a tank of gas because you like to hype your products before they're even available to people who aren't Natalie Coughlin or Nicole Scherzinger. After a few weeks of, shall we say, diligent searching, I found this at my "lucky Walgreens." I commented on a post on HE's FB page that I'd found it at a Wags, and a few days later a gal inboxed me to ask me where. Since she lived, oh, nowhere near there, I told her I could pick it up for her and mail it to her if she sent me enough $ to cover it. So when I went to get it yesterday I found the Pantene. Gotta love karma immediately coming back to you.

Since I've only been using this for 4-5 days, I can't say yet if it's holy-grail material, but I can say I haven't gotten over my temptation to eat yet. Yeah, it smells that good. Honey and apricot, the bottle says.

Anyone else out there dying to try either of these? Anyone else found them? If so, report here! Maybe a Google search will lead some people to your comments and help them find what they're looking for! Have a great week ladies! :-)

P.S. Please don't send me a C&D order, P&G! ;-) I'm totally kidding about the gas thing - it's not your fault I don't have enough patience to just wait until I can find things easily instead of doing a store-to-store tour of my entire county! ;D


  1. I'll be looking for the pantene moisture whip today! I hope I find it! Have you used it yet? Do you like it? I hope it's not sticky like it's hyped up not to be :)

  2. Sorry for the late response! I don't find it sticky at all, it does help smooth my hair. I can't say it helps my hair hold curl but then I have NEVER found anything that does! ;) Did you find it?

  3. I did find it. I also found a curly one in a red bottle too! Both at Walmart. I haven't used the original one yet just the curly one, and it doesn't really hold a curl that well, but does keep my hair kinda moisturized. I can't use it on my bangs b/c they just go flat and get kinda greasy. I have been doing headband curls and it seems to help smooth them a bit. It is hard to get my hair to hold a curl, but the headband curls work!

  4. Hmm, I'm going to have to try these headband curls!

  5. Ahhh I've been looking for that too!! It's been on my list forever and a day. I must go check Walmart today. And I'm pretty sure I have the same disorder as you. I went to five different Rite Aids yesterday to find NYC Peach Sparkle and all the stupid displays had everything BUT the nail polish. And then I found it, and almost cried. I'm glad to know I'm not alone.