Friday, March 22, 2013

Several Spring 2013 nail polish collections

Since it's spring (at least according to the calendar...our weather is saying otherwise), I've been trying to get back into doing my nails more often, a hobby I got out of after my son was born 19 months ago (not by choice, but lack of time). I just started using CND Solar Oil and I feel like my cuticles are rebelling! (So try to ignore the boo-boo in my photos...I swear it looks 10x worse on camera than it does IRL!) Anyway...I've spotted these spring collections in grocery/drugstores over the last few weeks.

This Sally Hansen LE Insta-Dri collection is a mystery to me. I've seen on a few other blogs that there's a new collection with 3 or 4 colors, which the bloggers have referred to as a spring collection, but none of those are in this one. So I don't know if this is another spring one, or if this particular store just received a summer collection early?! To my knowledge, they're all new colors, as I can't find anything when Googling the names. L to R: S-teal a Base, Grape Race, Knockout Pink, Straw-ready, Man-go Team, Butter-fly Stroke, In Record Lime, Blue-ming Fast

I grabbed 4...there were $2 off COUPONS, how could I not?! 
Knockout Pink, a cool pink cream

Grape Race, a cool light-medium purple cream

Straw-ready, a bright-dark pink-almost red (does that even make sense?!) cream

S-teal a Base, a greeny-teal cream with teal shimmer. Haven't worn any yet, but based solely on bottle color, this one is my fave! For $2.59 I feel like going back and getting the 4 remaining shades...might just do that tomorrow, hope they still have them! I love SH ID for quick manis on vacation, and for pedis. 

Sally Hansen Limited Edition Diamond Strength shades, L to R: Opulent Opal (pretty sure I have one by Nubar with that name?! They look nothing alike though.), Diamond Jubilee, Fancy Diamond, Brilliant Cut, Sparkling Jewel, Flawless Pink, Gold Setting, Rock'n Wedding (I realllly liked this one - it is a warm, muted coral with hidden shimmer, but I knew it just wasn't "me," KWIM?!)

Brilliant Cut is actually unique in my collection. It's a greige-y gravender, but lighter than most polishes I've seen in these shades, and with hidden silvery shimmer. LOVE.

Sparkling Jewel is in the same vein as CND Effects, and I must have 100 polishes that are its sisters, but when a polish can transform any cream polish, you can never have too many of those, right?!

I found both SH collections at a regional drugstore named Discount Drug Mart.

I can't say I was thrilled about anything in the Khroma nail polish line (maybe because of who it's from?!) but I just found it interesting that their line could put out a polish, when they have the collections from Nicole by OPI. You'd think there'd be a non-compete or something! Meijer, if anyone cares. They'll probably be 75% off in a month. (I could make a lame joke here, like "just like Kim's klothes," but I won't.)

Obviously these aren't brand-new, but it's the first time I've seen them in a bricks-and-mortar store. Nice to know Meijer seems to be getting each Color Club collection (several collections later, but still...nice, nonetheless.) I gave up and ordered them from Rickys NYC online months ago since the nail supply stores I stalk never got them; the BB&B with Harmon's here never did either. 

What do you thing? Any must-haves for my fellow nail polish lovers out there?

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