Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Sinful Colors glitters!

I had to stop in Walgreens today to get cashews for my son (they have the best tasting cashews, I swear - their lightly salted sea salt ones...mmm! But I digress.), so naturally I had to do a once-over of their new cosmetics area. They were in the process of putting out the Sinful gel shine ones, which I grabbed 2 of. And then I saw these mystery glitters that I didn't recall reading about yet. Note the silver caps...wonder if they are going to start doing this for special collections like China Glaze does? I'm not sure if these are at the regular $1.99 SC price point or if they're higher; there was no price tag. Anyway, onto the pics. My son is yanking at my leg to take him outside so the rest of my post is going to be short on words. Apologies in advance for my unmanicured nails...just got back from vacation and I neglected them while I was away. :P

L to R: Gemtastic, Crystal Clear, Queen of Deco, Scene Stealer, Rags to Riches, I Dream in Jewels, Watch it Shine, and Shine on Me. (click on the pic to see all 8 in the display - my formatting won't allow the whole pic to show and I don't know how to change it :/)

Despite really liking the looks of a few (namely Queen of Deco and Scene Stealer), I didn't pick any of these up because I'm too lazy to remove glitter, even with the foil method ;P Are any calling out to you?