Thursday, June 19, 2014

NEW Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Limited Edition Electric Summer Pastel Shades and Swatches!

You know that feeling when you're checking out the endcaps and all of a sudden you slam on the brakes...whaaat?! It's a new collection THAT YOU HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT?! I love the thrill of the chase on a collection I do know about, but it's always nice to discover something I didn't know existed. Yeah, that happened today. It must've been cosmic fate, because I almost didn't go in this particular drugstore, but I doubled back and went in, just to see if they happened to have the old version of SHXW Pacific Blue, because apparently I DIDN'T OWN IT. Nuts, right? So not only did I find the last one of those, I found an untouched (um, you know, until I bought one of each), unbeknownst-to-me-until-6-hours-ago, LE SHXW summer collection. Score. Anyway, onto the pics.

Note that it says "Electric Summer" and also "Pastels," so I'm not sure if they were going for a washed-out neon look like Maybelline or what, but more on that later.

Clockwise starting from top center: Pearl Up, Peach Babe, Floaties, Teeny Bikini, You're Crabby, Water Orchid, Wet Suit, Kelp Yourself

Pearl Up - this one is the only non-creme of the bunch; it's a jelly. It's a little thicker than the rest but not troublesome. It required 2 coats whereas the rest probably would've only required one. I'm not usually one for basic neutrals but I really like the shade and squishiness of this.

Peach Babe - the start of the cremes - I won't repeat myself on each subsequent photo; all of the cremes had a great formula. They went on smoothly, didn't streak, and though they were pretty opaque in one coat, I always do an extra coat because I have ridgy nails so it helps to hide that. So each shade is 2 coats, no top coat. 

Floaties - I don't know why but I totally love this name! Obviously it's way lighter than the traditional bright orange floaties but I still think it's so cute! :-) 

Teeny Bikini - I'm normally not a yellow person AT ALL because I have enough yellowness in my skin that wearing it in any kind of clothing or accessories just isn't flattering, but somehow this seems to work. I think it's that it's kind of dusty. 

You're Crabby - in the bottle I expected to like this shade the most, but on me, not so much. It's looks more mauve-y on me than in the bottle. Still pretty, but not my favorite. 

Water Orchid - I like this one on me more than I expected to. Pale lilacs aren't always flattering on me but this gives me a hint of tan-ness.

Wet Suit - what can I say here but lovely?! Such a great bright pastel blue! 

Kelp Yourself - the color is just slightly off here; it's a bit dustier IRL. Very pretty! 

I posted the photo of the collection in a polish collectors group in Facebook and a few ladies mentioned they thought the collection looked similar to Maybelline's Bleached Neons. I own 4 from that collection and there are definitely no dupes. 

Top is SHXW Wet Suit, Water Orchid, and Peach Babe; Bottom is Maybelline Bleached Neons Day Glow Teal, Ultra Violet, Coral Heat, and Bleached in Peach.

My thoughts: I don't get the "bright bikini after a summer in the sun" vibe like I do from the Maybelline Bleached Neons (with the except of Floaties and Wet Suit; they could pass for faded neons). And THAT'S OKAY to me. I like them; I think they have a slightly dusty quality that sets them apart from other pastels (I think there could possibly be some similarities to OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection but I never bought any of them so I can't compare). For around $3 each I definitely think they are worth picking up! 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Swatches of Sally Hansen Color Foil Nail Makeup Nail Polish

Um, so it's been a year since my last post?! Fail. I've been thinking about getting back into blogging now that my son is old enough to entertain himself for awhile, and now that I've got a gig making some money from home so that I am spending more on beauty products again. Hoping that'll go better than it has in the past. ;-)

A few weeks ago I was reading Allure and they mentioned Sally Hansen Color Foil Nail Makeup which said available in June. Being a lover of all things nail polish and especially chrome-y nail polish, I knew I HAD to have it. So much to my husband's excitement (ha!) while we were on vacation I made him stop at EVERY drug store we passed. Not even kidding. No dice. Imagine walking into "my" Meijer the day after we returned home and the heavens shining down and angels singing upon an untouched display. And even luckier, SH being BOGO1/2 this week. Yep. Anyway, I've been asked for swatches from a nail polish group I'm in on Facebook, so it seems like a good time to start blogging anew, right?

Here's my artsy "hey look at my new pretties" bottle shots. :P

Outdoors, in shade. Top left to right: Orly Rage, for comparison. Nearly the same shade as Rose Copper but obviously it is much more foily whereas the SH polishes are more of a smooth chrome (personally I think the name "Color Foil" is misleading but that's quite alright with me as I love a good bright smooth chrome). Rose Copper Titanium Flush, Pink Platinum, Purple Alloy, Leaden Lilac (more of a periwinkle leaning blue IMO). Bottom row: Liquid Gold, Sterling Silver, Yellow Gold, Minted Metal, Cobalt Chrome.

Shot in direct sunlight (reversed from my previous photo, sorry about that!). You can really see how chrome-y they are here. 

My opinion is that you aren't going to mistake these for Minx or anything, but for a regular polish, I don't know that I've seen any that were brighter chrome. I think they're at least on par with the Essie Metallic collection (which I have none of, but have seen IRL). I can't compare to the Layla Mirror Effects because I don't own any nor have I ever seen in person. They are also one-coat wonders, though I did use 2 coats for these swatches, because I realized on the first coat that I did not shake them well enough so I was getting too much silver and not enough of the colored pigment. They looked somewhat brushstroke-y on application but that all but disappeared once dry.

So what do you think? Are you a metallic polish nut like me and will you be searching these out? 

Edit: Totally forgot about some old SH & Avon chromes I had until someone in the nail polish group mentioned them! Some comparison swatches...

Top row L to R: SH Foil in Liquid Gold (new), SH Chrome in Gold Chrome. SH Foil in Yellow Gold (new), SH Chrome in Canary Diamond Chrome Yellow (old). SH Foil in Rose Copper (new), SH Chrome in Rose Diamond (old). Rose Diamond Chrome is more of a lavender rose; Rose Copper is a rose gold. 
Bottom: SH Color Foil in Sterling Silver, Avon Mirror Shine in Foil. SH Color Foil in Purple Alloy, Avon Mirror Shine in Polish (yes...Polish. LOL). 
As you can see, no 100% dupes other than probably the silvers. Not many different shades of chrome silver, LOL.

This one was an accident but I included it to show how reflective they are. I'm wearing a neon coral shirt today, can you tell? ;-)