Thursday, June 19, 2014

NEW Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Limited Edition Electric Summer Pastel Shades and Swatches!

You know that feeling when you're checking out the endcaps and all of a sudden you slam on the brakes...whaaat?! It's a new collection THAT YOU HAVEN'T HEARD ABOUT?! I love the thrill of the chase on a collection I do know about, but it's always nice to discover something I didn't know existed. Yeah, that happened today. It must've been cosmic fate, because I almost didn't go in this particular drugstore, but I doubled back and went in, just to see if they happened to have the old version of SHXW Pacific Blue, because apparently I DIDN'T OWN IT. Nuts, right? So not only did I find the last one of those, I found an untouched (um, you know, until I bought one of each), unbeknownst-to-me-until-6-hours-ago, LE SHXW summer collection. Score. Anyway, onto the pics.

Note that it says "Electric Summer" and also "Pastels," so I'm not sure if they were going for a washed-out neon look like Maybelline or what, but more on that later.

Clockwise starting from top center: Pearl Up, Peach Babe, Floaties, Teeny Bikini, You're Crabby, Water Orchid, Wet Suit, Kelp Yourself

Pearl Up - this one is the only non-creme of the bunch; it's a jelly. It's a little thicker than the rest but not troublesome. It required 2 coats whereas the rest probably would've only required one. I'm not usually one for basic neutrals but I really like the shade and squishiness of this.

Peach Babe - the start of the cremes - I won't repeat myself on each subsequent photo; all of the cremes had a great formula. They went on smoothly, didn't streak, and though they were pretty opaque in one coat, I always do an extra coat because I have ridgy nails so it helps to hide that. So each shade is 2 coats, no top coat. 

Floaties - I don't know why but I totally love this name! Obviously it's way lighter than the traditional bright orange floaties but I still think it's so cute! :-) 

Teeny Bikini - I'm normally not a yellow person AT ALL because I have enough yellowness in my skin that wearing it in any kind of clothing or accessories just isn't flattering, but somehow this seems to work. I think it's that it's kind of dusty. 

You're Crabby - in the bottle I expected to like this shade the most, but on me, not so much. It's looks more mauve-y on me than in the bottle. Still pretty, but not my favorite. 

Water Orchid - I like this one on me more than I expected to. Pale lilacs aren't always flattering on me but this gives me a hint of tan-ness.

Wet Suit - what can I say here but lovely?! Such a great bright pastel blue! 

Kelp Yourself - the color is just slightly off here; it's a bit dustier IRL. Very pretty! 

I posted the photo of the collection in a polish collectors group in Facebook and a few ladies mentioned they thought the collection looked similar to Maybelline's Bleached Neons. I own 4 from that collection and there are definitely no dupes. 

Top is SHXW Wet Suit, Water Orchid, and Peach Babe; Bottom is Maybelline Bleached Neons Day Glow Teal, Ultra Violet, Coral Heat, and Bleached in Peach.

My thoughts: I don't get the "bright bikini after a summer in the sun" vibe like I do from the Maybelline Bleached Neons (with the except of Floaties and Wet Suit; they could pass for faded neons). And THAT'S OKAY to me. I like them; I think they have a slightly dusty quality that sets them apart from other pastels (I think there could possibly be some similarities to OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean collection but I never bought any of them so I can't compare). For around $3 each I definitely think they are worth picking up! 


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    1. I think that one is my favorite. :-)

  2. OOH so the white is a Jelly? I picked up a few of these the other day. Will have to go back for the Jelly :)

    1. Yep, it's the odd one of the bunch! LOL

  3. Wet suit will come home with me for sure. Love it! Thanks!

  4. I really like this blog, I hope you post more stuff soon ^_^